Aran’s Traditional Milk

Aran’s traditional milk is pure A2 milk, hand-milked in a traditional way from healthy native Indian breeds and reaches at your doorstep.

About Us

Milking Process

The milking is done from indigenous cows by using hands. No machines are used in order to ensure no harm is done to the cows

Packing Methods

As soon as milking is done, the milk is filtered and packed in the FSSAI certified place with hairnets and gloves on this packing is done into the 50 microns wrappers which are not reactive to the food items. Again, no machines are used for packing to contribute to the environment, as they consume more water and power.

Milk Delivery

As soon as packing and quality check are done, the milk packets are collected and brought for delivery.

Payment Methods

A2 Milk Chennai


A2 Milk Chennai

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A2 Milk Chennai


Our Vision

To serve every person with chemical-free, healthy and natural food by following re-engineered traditional methods and also working towards nourishing our culture and language.

Our Farm

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Country Hen Egg



It is healthier, easy to digest, improves immunity & develops strength, promotes mental growth, reduces tiredness and above all it is as good as a mother’s milk.
All native Indian breeds like Gir, Red Sindhi, Sahiwal, Kangayam, Puliakulam etc are some of the A2 cow breeds.
Our cow breed includes mainly Red Sindhi, Puliakulam, kanchi kuttai
Our cows graze on green pasture in a free environment and find their own food along which they are also fed with hay & cultivated fodder.
We bring milk from the farmers who use these cows for agricultural purposes in the outskirts of Chennai.
Well, we can arrange a field visit and show the cows from which we milk, the environment and their habitat*
  1. 350 ml – Rs 27
  2. 500 ml – Rs 36
  3. 1000 ml – Rs 72
In general, on an average, Indian/Desi breed cows can produce only around 2-2.5 liters of milk per time in a day.Cows can produce more milk only when it’s injected with extra growth hormone, fed with grain-based diets (instead of grass) and exposing cows to longer periods of artificial light.
We believe and go by the natural way hoping to bring back the traditional milk which causes no harm to people, cows and the environment.
Strictly NO. Formalin is used to keep the milk from spoiling sooner which often ends up reacting with Protein molecules in the consumers’ stomach and causes huge troubles with digestion. This is completely against our policy of serving natural food and hence nothing is added to the milk.
Our milk is not processed in order to preserve real minerals and vitamins. They are just raw and contains no additives.
Our milk comes directly from the farm, packed and delivered at your doorstep. And so you can have a nutritious milk for your refreshment in the morning



Raw Milk Prices

500 ml-Rs.32

1000 ml-Rs.63

A2 Milk Prices

500 ml-Rs.40

1000 ml-Rs.79

** For COD No Extra Charges

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